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Our Growing Crane Fleet

Our Crane Fleet…the backbone of our expertise

At Gator Crane Services of Tampa Bay, we take pride in our versatile, state-of-the-art crane lineup, meticulously maintained for optimum performance. Our commitment to safety and efficiency extends to our equipment, ensuring that every lift is a success. Stay tuned: new vehicle additions coming soon!

Baby Gator

1999 Ford F800 with a 1999 14-ton 2800 Series Stinger crane.
3-section powered telescoping boom with 63ft reach, 73ft max height, and a 360 degree work area.
Rear stabilizers are diagonal downward while front stabilizers are out and down with 6ft of reach from each side of the truck.

The Baby Gator specs are:

• Length: 31’
• Base width: 8’
• Max Height: 12′ 6″
• Wheel Base: 18’
• GVW: 33,000 lbs.

Big Brother Gator

2007 Mack Granite CV713 model with lockable tandem rear axle and air-controlled, turning 3rd drop axle.
It carries a National Crane 900A series which has a 26-ton capacity, 4-section telescoping power boom that can reach 103 ft and 113 ft max vertical height.
A folding jib allows an additional 30ft of height.
Rear outriggers are true out-and-down that can be positioned anywhere from directly underneath the truck to fully extended (approximately 5ft).
Front outriggers are diagonal out-and-down with a span of approximately 7 ft and are non-adjustable.
The front bumper also mounts a stabilizer allowing more work to be done over the front of the vehicle.

The Big Brother Gator specs are:

• Length: 37’
• Base width: 8’
• Height: 13’ 8”
• Wheel Base: 20’
• Axles: 2 with additional drop axle
• GVW: 58,000 lbs.

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